Privacy Policy

A) The interests of those who have trusted us, and in particular, the protection of their information, are one of our priorities.

We strive not to obtain any private data other than those necessary for the best possible fulfilment of our tasks and for greater satisfaction of our customers.

If you represent a company or an institution, we encourage you to create your own account through which you will have access to special resources intended for you, and to certain important information from us. You can delete the account whenever you think it is appropriate.

B) What data we store:
– If you have made a purchase from us, the data that were required for your VAT invoice are stored in our accounting and trading system.
– We also have data obtained in connection with the general principles of Internet connections (IP addresses, browser type, name of the operating system, etc.), which we use for technical and statistical purposes.
– If you have created your own account, or registered on a mailing list, we have data which you have given us – these will be used only for the stated purposes.
– When providing us with data, for any reason, please be aware that such may be recorded in our mailing, CRM and other systems, in order to allow us to meet your expectations in the future and to improve our offer.

C) Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the right to access your data and to complement, correct, update, or rectify the data, and to demand that such data be deleted. You can do this by contacting us by email or sending a registered letter to our address: SYSTEM 7 Security, ul. Krakowska 33, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała. Data collected automatically by the system cannot be amended or deleted.


The only exception may be institutions authorised by law to access particular data, and entities related to us.

Data are collected, processed and kept by us in accordance with the applicable provisions of the law and our security procedures. We make every effort to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing the data.

E) Caution should be exercised when using our Website access data.

The person to whom we have provided such data shall be responsible for the use thereof. If you suspect that a third party may have learnt your details (e.g. the password), please change them immediately or inform us about such a situation.
Also, please be careful when sharing a computer with other users. After you have finished using our Website, please log out. Do not store the passwords in such a way as to make it possible for other persons to learn them.

F) Payment cards and online transfers.
We neither have (nor want to have) access to any data provided by you at the time of payment with payment cards and online transfers. During such operations you are taken to the sites of a bank of your choice or to an authorisation service (the address should start with https:, and the certificate should confirm its identity), and all information provided will be known only to the institutions operating the particular service. They may only inform us about the completion of your transaction.

G) Cookies and similar solutions

The cookies created in connection with the Website are intended for improving the User’s comfort, storing the User’s information (e.g. during registration, login, order submission), and for statistical purposes (e.g. Google Analytics), etc.

The User may delete them at any time, or may change the settings of their browser, in accordance with information in the browser manual. Blocking cookies and other similar solutions used by browsers may lead to problems in using certain functions of the Website.

H) System 7 Security shall not be held responsible for any procedures and information on websites whose links are provided on the Website.

I) If you do not agree with any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, you may not use the Website.

J) The currently valid Privacy Policy is always presented on the Website, and may be amended at any time, without prior notice.