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System 7 Security

System 7 Security has been operating in the industry since 1990.
The company is a recognized expert in the field of “radio frequency identification”. We specialize in wholesale supplies of all types of RFID / NFC tags. In addition, millions of tags in several hundred popular versions are waiting in our warehouses in Bielsko-Biała.
If you need passive RFID / NFC tags, and we do not cooperate yet, be sure to WRITE or call: +48 33 8218777.


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Over the years of operation, we have had a thorough knowledge of the subject and a very strong embedded in the global segment of tag producers. Thanks to this, we are able to ensure their appropriate quality, while maintaining a price adapted to the needs of the buyer. Actually, we can offer a competitive price, not only in Poland, and even more so in Europe, but even in the Far East.

Thanks to many years of experience, appropriate knowledge and resources, we are also able to design and produce unusual tags, tailored to the very sophisticated needs and requirements of the client.

In addition, for years we have been helping to solve problems related to the use of RFID technology and to create comprehensive and innovative solutions in this area.
Traditionally, our warehouse in Bielsko-Biała also supports professionals in completing devices for all electronic control, supervision and security systems.

Now about what we are not doing.

First of all: Our company has not been dealing with the design, assembly and service of these systems for a long time. If you are interested in services in this area, you can easily find contact to our clients who run this type of business on the Internet.
We are focused on supporting the development of RFID / NFC technology in Poland. Especially in the efficient and comprehensive supply of our regular customers with high-quality RFID tags.

Secondly: We have not been selling and servicing “retail” in any scope for years.
Our activity (and offer) is focused on cooperation with professionals. They are mainly distributors, manufacturers and companies dealing in RFID related services, control and electronic protection. In addition, we help institutions and organizations that have a serious need in the field of radio frequency identification.

Summarizing. If you work with us, you do not have to remember about the problems associated with the supply of various RFID / NFC transponders. This is because we take care of everything and know how to do it. Thanks to this, your task is only to place an order if there is such a need. We take care of the rest, you can focus on more important things. If necessary, we will advise you on the best solution and quickly deliver the appropriate tags.

System 7: Finally, a few words about the past.

The history of our company is briefly described on the “Our history” page.
At this point, perhaps it is worth mentioning that at the beginning System 7 Security, in addition to its current distribution activities, also dealt with services. After a few years, it was also the design and production of specialized electronic devices in our industry. As the years passed and the scale of operations grew, it turned out that it is difficult to deal with “everything” and do it really well. We decided to give up the provision of services and retail sales. After further years of development, for the same reason, we also gave up the production of electronic devices, handing it over to a company specializing in it.

In 2011, the company was transformed into a limited liability company with a share capital of PLN 2,260,000. This change was aimed at adapting the form of conducting business to its current scope and increasing resources in order to accelerate development.
After the transformation, the company focused strongly on wholesale supplies and import / export activities related to radio frequency identification.
System 7 Security – more information about history.

To sum up: If you need tags or are considering using them, be sure to CONTACT us. We will definitely find the optimal solution in the field of RFID.

System 7 Security

Call (+ 48 33 8218 777), WRITE or visit our office in Bielsko-Biała at 33 Krakowska St.