The history of System 7 Security

Historia firmy System 7 Security

The history of System 7 Security

The history of the System 7 Security company began on 2 November 1990. and runs continuously through all these years, through the meanders of our Polish and world reality.

System 7 Security was created and created by people passionate about electronics and modern technologies. The idea arose in the mind of the young engineer Mirosław Wandzl, during his “journeys” through the countries of the then “Western Europe”, at the end of the 1980s.

Because after returning to the country in 1990, it seemed that Poland was not only possible, but also badly needed, to take up the challenge of building on the foundations a company dealing with modern technologies in the field of specialized electronics and IT. From the very beginning, the company was focused on designing specialized electronic devices and developing production under its own brands as well as import / export activities on a global scale.

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Unfortunately, it soon turned out that the practical implementation is not so simple. Objective needs related to modern technologies and the necessity to make up for backwardness in it were indeed considerable, but the direction of economic changes did not go in this direction. Besides, the prevailing “business” relations and the level of management and “opinion-forming” circles were not conducive to the development of such activities. In addition, the company did not want to adapt to the “Eastern business model” from the very beginning. That is, “give – take” and not pay taxes, considering it an obvious necessity and “ability to cope with real conditions” 🙂

Anyone who knows those times even a little knows that it was not easy. More than once you could hear the voice of a pragmatist who knows economic life: “In Poland, you can produce sweets or cold cuts, not modern electronics. And without money!”. It can be said that survival and development in such conditions was practically impossible. But as you can see, it worked.

Contrary to the canons in force at the time, the company did not “steal the first million”, but by working hard for many years, it simply partially earned it, and partially borrowed it.

Then there was a period of entering a new level of activity and even greater specialization in the field of radio frequency identification (RFID). The needs related to RFID / NFC in Poland are huge and, unfortunately, we are still lagging behind the world’s leaders in this respect. System 7 Security does its best to constantly raise the use and awareness of the possibilities of this technology to a higher level. Nevertheless, our capabilities are still insufficient, and the habits of some decision-makers are still “unshakeable”.

The history of System 7 Security in several dates:

1990 Registration of SYSTEM 7 SECURITY and commencement of activities in the field of technical protection of property and people.
Obtaining TECHOM authorization in the field of design and installation of alarm systems.
1993 The company receives a license from the Ministry of the Interior for the first time.
In addition to providing services in the field of technical protection of property and people, the company developed its commercial activity, reaching the position of the main regional distributor of security devices in Podbeskidzie. Between 1991 and 1993, the first innovative electronic devices used in protection were created.
1995 Transfer of the technical and commercial office to its own premises at ul. Krakowska 33 in Bielsko-Biała.
The beginning of the period of intensive development of own production activities focused on designing and manufacturing technologically advanced devices for the SECURITY industry. It mainly concerned atypical and custom-made products.
1998 Start of production of the company’s flagship product: SEVEN GUARD work control system.
2000 The first “wide” presentation of the SEVEN GUARD system at the SECUREX 2000 International Fair in Poznań.
Seven Guard turned out to be a “hit”, displacing both Asian and “Western” products from the market.
The company obtained a 2nd degree license (issued by the Provincial Police Commander) for most of the company’s employees and a new license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for activities in the field of technical protection of persons and property.
2001 The SEVEN GUARD recorder wins the 1st place in the Polish Master of Alarm Technology competition at the SECUREX 2001 fair.
The period of intensive development of sales of Seven Guard registrars in the country and abroad begins.
2002 Implementation of a new version of the software for the SEVEN GUARD system for Windows, with the possibility of multi-access and multi-station operation in a computer network.
2003 System 7 Security obtained the first ISO 9001: 2000 (TUV) certification for a full range of activities.
We definitely resign from providing services and focus on distribution, design and production activities.
2004 Introduction to the inventory edits a new recorder model called “SG2”.
2005 New Internet compatible version of SGwin software in 5 languages.
2008 The family of modern SG3 ECO, SG3 MAIN, SG3 PROX, SG3DUO recorders with extraordinary resistance.
A new version of the software that supports the rolling code mode of the recorders operation (preventing cheating by recording or copying the identifier code).
2009 We started serial production of modern SGSL1 and SGSL2 electronic seals.
2010 SGSL electronic seals win the title of Polish Master of Alarm Technology at the SECUREX fair in Poznań.
A new series of cheap SGsoft ECO and SGsoft DUO recorders in typical plastic housings (with a vandal-proof switch) has been created.
We also presented at the Securex fair in Poznań a prototype series of (probably the first in Europe) RFID readers with proximity (sensor) keypads, SEVEN DOOR.
The history of System 7 Security after 2010:
2011 Design work on a new family (6 models) of SGgsm recorders equipped with the ability to communicate via GSM network.
Transformation of the company “System 7 Security Mirosław Wandzel” into the company “System 7 Security sp. Z o.o.” with share capital of PLN 2,260,000.
2012 Intensive design work on a new family of SGgsm recorders and SGwin software that also supports these recorders.
Implementation of innovative IT and technological solutions possible thanks to the transformation and capital strengthening of the company.
2013 Completion of design works related to SGgsm and new software – start of tests under normal conditions of use.
Intensive design work on a new family of SSgsm electronic seals with the possibility of communication in the GSM network. Shifting the emphasis in the operation of the company to the wholesale distribution of passive RFID / NFC tags.
2014 Commencement of design works on a new version of SGgsm recorders with significantly improved functionality.
Work on a new version of computer software designed to support all our products in a global system.
2015 The company’s definitive focus on wholesale distribution activities and the emphasis on the development of international business relations.
2017 Development of new and unconventional versions of Seven Door (embedded) and desk (USB) Seven Reader.
2018 Purchase of additional warehouse premises at ul. Krakowska and strengthening the import department. Significant expansion of the range of RFID / NFC tags as standard in stock.
2019 Development of subsequent versions of the Seven Door and Seven Reader readers also supporting the ISO 15693 standard.
2021 Acquisition of the company Seven System sp.O. for the amount of over 700 thousand. PLN. This extends the company’s capabilities in the field of providing customers with non-standard RFID readers and software tailored to their specific needs.


Currently, SYSTEM 7 SECURITY is intensively developing the activity conducted for over 30 years, confirming its position as one of the leading European suppliers of RFID / NFC tags.

To sum up: If you need tags or are considering using them, be sure to CONTACT us. We will definitely find the optimal solution in the field of RFID.

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