Marking of products

Marking of products

This page will cover the use of RFID / NFC tags to mark and identify all kinds of products and goods.
This applies in particular to commercial goods whose labeling with RFID tags allows for much more convenient, durable, more reliable and modern identification than in the case of old graphic codes (e.g. bar or QR code).
In addition, it is possible to permanently and practically impossible to falsify the characteristics of a given product, such as brand, manufacturer, date of production, etc.

Also, the entire product life cycle (from component parts warehouse, through production, quality control, storage, sale and subsequent service) can be easily identified and monitored around the world. This gives the manufacturer unprecedented opportunities to improve efficiency and improve quality at every stage.
This process can be largely automated and, if necessary, improved thanks to the use of radio frequency identification.

We have a very wide range of high-quality, inexpensive tags suitable for this type of application. Thanks to the wide production base and many years of experience, if necessary, we can also design and produce RFID tags tailored to the individual conditions and requirements of the user.

Our company as a distributor of all types of tags and an experienced specialist in the field of RFID / NFC can help you find the optimal solution for your case.

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