Applications of our solutions

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Our own products and other goods delivered by us for over 25 years have been applied well in the below-mentioned applications. Using the in-depth professional knowledge and many years of experience, we can help you with fast, simple and inexpensive problem solutions and improve the performance efficiency in the areas related to control and protection. As an experienced producer of the specialist electronic devices and software, we can tailor the existing solutions to your individual needs and requirements.

  • Security guards, watchmen and wardens
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Service staff
  • Maintaining the cleanliness
  • Nurses
  • Cross-country races
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Inventory control
  • Transport of cargos
  • Supervision over the equipment
  • Working time recording
  • Identification of individuals and objects
  • Access control
  • Alarm systems
  • Monitoring (CCTV)
  • security of museum collections
  • borrowing books
  • giving tools