Maintenance of equipment

Equipment maintenance

This page will focus on the use of RFID / NFC tags in the supervision and improvement of work related to the maintenance of various types of objects, machines and devices.
This applies in particular to production machines, infrastructure elements requiring periodic inspection, personal protective equipment, fire protection equipment, places requiring the systematic presence of specific people or maintenance services, etc.
The process of maintenance and supervision over specific objects and persons obliged to stay in specific places at designated times can be significantly automated and improved thanks to the use of radio frequency identification.
We have a very wide range of high-quality, inexpensive tags suitable for this type of application. Thanks to the wide production base and many years of experience, if necessary, we can also design and produce RFID tags tailored to the individual conditions and requirements of the user.

Our company as a distributor of all types of tags and an experienced specialist in the field of RFID / NFC can help you find the optimal solution for your case.

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