RFID NFC tags and systems

RFID NFC tags and systems are the basic products that we deliver to our wholesale customers.
We have been operating in the electronic protection and supervision industry since 1990. and we specialize in radio frequency identification technology. That is why we are a proven and reliable supplier for anyone with any specific RFID needs.

Therefore, write what you need or what problem you want to solve, and we will try to help you quickly and effectively!


Our clients are mainly distributors, manufacturers and various institutions and companies, professionally related to RFID or having serious needs or capabilities in this field. As a wholesale tag supplier, we generally fulfill orders for multiple unit packages. These products are usually packed in 100 or 200 pcs.

Unfortunately, we have not been involved in retail sales and service and assembly services for many years, so we cannot help in this regard. If you have such needs, we encourage you to use the services of our clients, which you can easily find on the Internet.

However, if your needs for the supply of RFID / NFC tags are significant, our address is definitely one of the best in Europe and beyond.
Of course, we can also provide tag-related hardware and software tailored to your needs.
We have extensive knowledge and extensive experience in all matters related to RFID. In addition, properly prepared specialists and the widest range of various tags in Poland, ready for immediate delivery. In the warehouses in Bielsko-Biała, several hundred models of various tags are waiting for your order, and their standard, general condition is millions of items.
As a rule, orders placed before 1pm are shipped the same day.
We also supply customers outside the European Union. Import and export activity is one of the priorities of our company.
In addition to a variety of RFID tags, we can comprehensively provide all the elements of the radio frequency identification system needed.
And even, if necessary, we are able to design and produce non-standard tags, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the project.
It is worth noting that our warehouse includes virtually all models of popularly used passive tags. We have RFID transponders in a variety of housings and designs. They are designed to operate at commonly used frequencies: 125kHz, 13.56MHz and UHF (865-868MHz). In addition, you will also find virtually all popular chips from the world’s leading manufacturers in our products. In addition, we also offer selected by us, the best of their counterparts, fully compatible with them.

Here are examples of chip markings in the tags we buy most frequently:

NxP ® companies: Ntag ® 213, 213 tamper, 216, ICODE ® SLIX, SLIX2, SLIX-L, SLIX-S, SLIX-M, DNA, Hitag ® S, 1, 2, MIFARE ® Classic, DESFire ®, Plus, Ultralight®, UCODE® 8, 7, DNA. G2iM, G2iL.
by Impinj®: Monza® R6, R6-P, 4D, M730, M750, M4QT, M4E.
Alien Technology ® products: Higgs ® 3, Higgs 9, Higgs ® EC.
from EM Microelectronic®: EM 4200, EM4305, EM 4333.
and many proven chips from the best manufacturers, compatible with the above.

Besides, we can provide tags with any chips, tailored to your individual needs.

For the convenience of our customers, for years we have also been providing the completion and comprehensive delivery of all elements needed to build other systems in the “Security” industry. These are alarm systems, monitoring, access control, fire protection, work time recording, staff work control, etc.
We invite you to visit our warehouse in Bielsko-Biała, at ul. Krakowska 33, which is open from 8:00 to 16:00.
For many years, at a convenient time for them, our regular customers can also use a modern B2B service. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Of course, the B2B service is open 24/7. However, the synchronization of orders placed, stock levels, settlements and issued commercial documents with our internal IT system takes place on an ongoing basis only during working hours of the warehouse.

It is worth mentioning some of the products available in our warehouse:

RFID stickers – tags in the form of thin stickers are readily used on non-metallic surfaces, in places with low environmental exposure.
RFID key rings – very popular products. Due to the high mechanical strength, small size and ease of use, they are commonly used to identify people.
Contactless cards – probably the most popular form of RFID identifier. Cards with the dimensions of 85.60 x 53.98 mm (standard ID-1) are most often used.

RFID inlay – it is a type of thin plastic labels (with or without glue) with a very thin conductive layer (usually aluminum) applied, constituting an antenna galvanically connected to the chip. Most often they are transparent, with the antenna print clearly visible. Most commonly used for 13.56MHz and UHF frequencies.
RFID tag – the distinction between tag, inlay and sticker can be quite “conventional”. Most often, the name of the label is a tag with a top layer that allows for easy printing, e.g. paper in white.
RFID tags are tags most often intended to be attached in a visible place, so that they enable not only visual but also radio identification of people, animals and objects.
NFC tags – those of the RFID tags that have chips that meet one of the forum’s NFC specifications. They are supported by devices compliant with NFC requirements, e.g. a significant part of smartphones.
Laundry tags – RFID tags with specific properties that allow them to be used as permanent identifiers of items subjected to the washing, drying and ironing process.

In addition, the following our products from the “RFID NFC Tags and Systems” range:

RFID disks – tags in the form of disks made of various types of plastics. Willingly used in various applications requiring high mechanical and environmental resistance while maintaining a small size. They can have a self-adhesive layer.
Metal tags are any type of RFID tags equipped with a special layer that allows for normal operation in conditions in close proximity to metal surfaces. Most often it concerns disks and stickers. In our products, these tags have the letter M in their marking.
RFID wristbands – tags in the form of armbands (like a watch). They can be made of flexible or rigid materials. There are versions with fasteners or with a specific fixed diameter. A very convenient solution if the use of the tag cannot be hands-free or there is no other possibility of carrying it. We can also produce the wristbands in a disposable version, which makes it impossible to remove without damage, e.g. paper ones.
Embedded RFID tags are designed to be permanently attached to other products. You can build them in a way that is visible or invisible to users. There are many possible solutions in this area and, as a rule, they must be adapted to a specific application (in which we are happy to help).
Other RFID tags – NFC. The number of uses and possible executions of tags is so large that it is even difficult to build a simple classification covering all possibilities. It will be easier if you present your needs or intentions to us, and we will suggest possible solutions based on our experience.
RFID / NFC readers. We have a wide range of proven readers manufactured in the country and abroad. We are happy to adapt the devices to your specific conditions and expectations.
If you are looking for the simplest and cheapest readers that can do little and do not need to be integrated with the entire system, we are on the Internet to find better suppliers;)
Software. We can also help you create a complete RFID system, fully integrated with other systems you use. We cooperate in this area with the best programmers and we have appropriate experience.

System 7 Security

If you are looking for the optimal solution in the field of RFID / NFC applications, do not hesitate!
Call us (+ 48 33 8218 777), write to us or visit our technical and commercial office in Bielsko-Biała at ul. Krakowska 33.

Do you need NFC tags or RFID system? You got it!

We are happy to solve various problems in the field of RFID / NFC technology.
Not only the simple ones, but even the most complex ones.
However, if your needs require an individual and innovative approach, it’s even better. We are passionate about such challenges!
Of course, we can also help you integrate RFID (NFC) systems with other solutions, such as: monitoring systems, alarm systems, timing systems. In addition, recording and inventory systems, automatic identification systems, QR and bar code readers, etc. Until after, sports competitions, NFC in the phone, IDs, work clothes, automation of laundry services, museums, schools, communication, aviation …

The basic groups of goods that we sell are: Tags – RFID / NFC identifiers such as: Cards, Keychains, Discs, Wristbands (watches), Pendants, Stickers, Labels, Knock-in, Embedded, Sewn, RFID chips, etc. Moreover: Cameras, Recorders, Monitors, Video intercoms, Alarm control panels, Alarm detectors, Keypads, Sirens. What’s more: Proximity code readers, RCP readers, Work recorders, Electronic seals, Converters, Fire, Cables, Fiber optics, Housings, Power supplies, Batteries and accumulators, Software.

It is worth mentioning that our customers most often buy from us products of the following brands and manufacturers: Seven System, Seven Guard, Seven Reader, Seven Seal, Seven Door, AAT, Novus, DSC, BCS, Polon Alfa, Pulsar, Roger, Satel, Volta, Janex, Alpol, BCS line, BCS Point, Vidos, Commax, MiWi Urmet, Hikvison, Dahua, Sony, Vivotek, Mazi, Elmes, Merx, Jablotron, Ropam, Abax, Micra, Ubiquiti, Bosh, Crow.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that we are not concerned with animal “chip” systems. Not to mention the use of RFID tags to permanently tag (“chip”) people.

We will adjust NFC RFID tags and systems to your needs!