RFID NFC, what is it?

RFID and NFC are words that you meet more and more often in everyday life. Maybe it seems to you that it is about some complicated “technicalities” or disconnected from reality, technological innovations?
None of these things!
Both of these closely related terms are related to the things you use in your daily life, and there will be more to come 🙂


The use of RFID technology has a longer history than our company, and yet we have been operating for over 30 years. It is rather difficult to consider it a “novelty”, especially in the context of the changeability and development of the contemporary world.
You’ve probably been using it for many years, maybe without even realizing it?
For example, if you pay by contactless payment card or telephone, use a passport, “e-ID” or even open the door with a proximity card or key fob, then you are using RFID.
NFC technology is a simple extension of RFID. They overlap in many respects, although in some NFCs have gone a step or two further.
Its probably most important advantage is that it is now supported by most decent smartphones. This allows for its widespread use, without having to have anything other than what everyone uses anyway. Simply put, an easy thing for ordinary people.

From the user’s point of view, the matter is very simple.

You get something close to something and … what you wanted to happen happens. Of course, as long as the one who intended it set it that way;)
For example, you present your card and this way you pay, you bring the key ring and the door opens for you, you bring the phone closer and you automatically communicate with another device … Simple? This is one of the main advantages of these technologies – simplicity and ease of use.
There are many more of these advantages. For example: low price, easy to implement, low energy consumption, etc.
Of course, this required “approximation” may mean something completely different in different applications. For example, it can be: 2mm, 5cm or even 20m.

Actually, this is pretty much everything you need to know about RFID and NFC technologies.

It is worth adding that in addition to the so-called active devices, such as: telephones, readers, gates, collectors, etc., there are also others everywhere. These are passive RFID tags (NFC). They are another strong point of this technology. Most often they are cheap, small (often unnoticeable) elements attached or built into various objects (e.g. passports, business cards, goods …). Thanks to these tags, it is possible to identify and, if necessary, even communicate with the objects that possess them.
You may also need to know that reading the tag will be difficult or even impossible if you place it behind, for example, a metal partition. Whoever remembers what an electric and magnetic field is, probably understand why 🙂

RFID NFC from the professional side.

Of course, the matter does not look so simple from the point of view of those who are to make sure that everything is easy and intuitive for the user. Fortunately, this is not where we should address this aspect.
Using our knowledge and many years of experience, we could write many books on this topic during the year. Anyway, we are happy to share what we can and help our professional contractors. Both wholesale buyers of a variety of tags. As well as manufacturers of related devices (e.g. readers) and software.
Design, production and distribution of RFID tags has been our company’s specialty for years!
We also help companies and institutions that have a serious need in the field of RFID / NFC technology or plan more activities in this area.

If you represent any of the above entities, be sure to CONTACT us. We will certainly find the optimal solution in the field of RFID in a specific situation.

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