EAS+RFID Dual-Frequency ABS anti-theft tag

UHF RFID anti-theft clips available immediately.

RFID anti-theft clips in our offer. We have expanded our warehouse range with interesting UHF RFID tags that also act as anti-theft clips.

As you might expect, in the future, the traditional “blind” anti-theft (EAS) gates operating at 58kHz or 8.2MHz will be replaced by integrated RFID systems operating at UHF frequencies.

This is due to many additional possibilities offered by the use of RFID tags also for this purpose. Thanks to radio frequency identification, you can, for example, determine where in the supervised room a specific item is located, or whether it returned from the changing room to its place at a certain time. In addition, you will check whether, after being taken from the shelf, it reached the cash register within a reasonable time, whether someone tries to take it out without paying, whether it is not necessary to deliver another item from the warehouse to the shelf or hanger, etc.

And all this can be done discreetly, without stressing honest customers with “surveillance” elements of anti-theft systems of the old type. 


EAS+RFID Dual-Frequency ABS anti-theft clip tag
EAS+RFID Dual-Frequency ABS anti-theft clip tag

RFID anti-theft clips with UHF R6P and EAS chip – supervise and protect in a new way.

This tag’s designation is S5697E5-70x31x21.
It is equipped with a modern UHF integrated circuit by Impinij, symbol R6P. This chip allows the identification of UHF RFID in the frequency range 860-925MHz.
In addition, the “clip” has a built-in antenna for traditional EAS 58kHz anti-theft systems.
Dimensions of the ABS housing: 70mm x 31mm x 21mm.
The retail price of these tags is PLN 3.40 net / pc.
Unit package 100 pcs.

Anti-theft clips and detecting gates have dominated the anti-theft protection market for years, especially in the case of retail outlets. If you enrich the traditional solution with new possibilities offered by RFID technology, you will open up completely new perspectives. Admittedly, the built-in, additional RFID tag makes their price slightly higher. However, thanks to this, you can take advantage of new and useful functions that make such a solution more attractive. Especially if you are creating a completely new system and you do not have to use old EAS anti-theft gates.

To sum up, if you need wholesale supplies of any RFID / NFC tags, we can deliver them immediately from our warehouse in Bielsko-Biała. We can also design and produce unusual tags especially for you. Contact us.


RFID NFC tags and metal

RFID NFC and metal?

RFID NFC tags and metal – can they be used?

Do you know ?

That ordinary RFID / NFC tags (eg proximity cards, stickers, key rings, etc.) “lose range” or will not work at all in a “metal” environment? Is there any solution?

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Silicone wristbands RFID NFC modern design

NFC RFID silicone wristbands can have the original Ntag 213® chip from NxP (S4357) that works well with NFC smartphone readers. An alternative solution is the popular MF 1k compatible chip in S3057B, which has a large 1k byte memory available to the user.

NFC RFID silicone wristbands can be red, black or blue. Thanks to the interesting method of fastening, they are easy to put on and take off. The wide adjustment range easily adjusts the strap length to your current wrist diameter. Unit packaging: 50 items cable ties in one color. If you need samples for presentation or testing, we can provide them in any amount.
The main areas of application of these tags are for example: users of swimming pools, saunas, fitness clubs and gyms, sports facilities, children in school or kindergarten. In addition, people who cannot freely use other types of identifiers (e.g. cards, key rings) passing through the door with a reader.

Thanks to the interesting design, the bands have a futuristic look and an easy to use fastening method. This allows them to be used where the impression of modernity is important for users.

In addition, if the customer wishes, we can provide headbands with printed or engraved logo or other inscription. Unfortunately, the performance of such an additional service pays off if you order the right amount. These bands do not occur with chips at 125kHz due to problems with installing the appropriate antenna at such a small width of the silicone band. In other words, in such a small space it is difficult to permanently build such an antenna. The situation is similar with large long-range antennas for UHF 865MHz.

In addition, the total length of NFC Silicone RFID Wristbands is 260mm. In other words, the chips used are in accordance with ISO 14443A.

Available models:

First of all with a MF Classic compatible chip, 1kB memory, UID 4B, 13.56MHz

S3057B-BK / black, silicone, 50 pcs.
S3057B-BE / blue, silicone, packed 50 pcs.
S3057B-RD / red, silicone, 50 pcs.

Secondly, with the original NTAG® 213 NxP chip, UID 7B, 144B memory, 13.56MHz

S4357-BK / black, silicone, 50 pcs
S4357-BE / blue, silicone, packed in pieces of 50
S4357-RD / red, silicone, packed in 50 pcs.

Unique 125kHz – new sticker S106-WE30 available in stock

Another Unique 125kHz tag available “immediately”

Naklejka S106-WE30 unique 125kHz opakowanie
Sticker S106-WE30 unique 125kHz packaging

Unique – this is what users call t an outdated but still popular standard used by many readers and tags operating at 125kHz.

Since the popularity of “Unique” in Poland is still high, we are gradually introducing new tags that work in it to our warehouse standard. The S106-WE30 sticker has recently appeared in our warehouse. It has a diameter of 30mm. It is made of white coated paper. Inside (as for every tag with the designation S10) there is a solid chip compatible with the popular EM4100 125kHz chip (ie “Unique”). This chip several decades ago set an important standard in the field of RFID. It was designed and manufactured by EM Microelectronic.

Of course, we also invite you to buy several hundred other models of RFID / NFC tags, which we have gathered in our warehouses for your convenience. In addition, we are happy to advise you on how to solve problems and optimally implement the RFID system in your specific application. If you are a professional or other wholesale recipient, we invite you. Unfortunately, we do not sell retail. If you are a retail buyer, please contact our clients. You will find them without any problems in every corner of Poland and beyond its borders. We supply RFID tags operating at the frequencies of 125kHz, 134.2kHz, 13.56MHz and 864-868MHz.

In summary, this RFID tag as well as hundreds of other typical models can be delivered immediately from our warehouse in Bielsko-Biała. If you need unusual solutions in the field of RFID / NFC tags, we can design and manufacture them especially for you. Skontaktuj się z nami.