New NFC metal RFID tags with NTAG 213 chip

A durable and cheap NFC tag

Our range of self-adhesive discs for use directly on metal surfaces has recently been enriched with the new S4361M-25×1 tag.

The tag uses the original Ntag® 213 chip from NxP®. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, this chip is fully compliant with the conditions set by the NFC forum for type 2 tags and the ISO 14443A standard. Practice shows that actually tags with this chip work properly with most smartphones equipped with an NFC reader, which makes it possible that the tag can be successfully used wherever high compatibility with devices from any manufacturer is required
The basic parameters of the tag:

– diameter 25mm, thickness 1mm, weight 3g,
– material: high quality PVC + insulating layer of magnetic and adhesive field, renowned company 3M,
– memory to be used: 144 Bytes, 100,000 programming cycles, 10 years of durability,
– factory serial number 7Byte (in accordance with ISO 14443-3),
– operating frequency 13.56MHz, transmission speed 106kb / s,
– compliance with the NDEF,
– 32bit security password,
– working temperature -20 to + 60ºC, outdoor work is possible.

Due to its properties, this tag can be used where there is a need for high compatibility with functioning devices from different manufacturers (eg smartphones), while maintaining high resistance to working conditions and low unit price. It is possible to make prints on the face of the tag.