System 7 Security 30 years of operation

System 7 Security has been operating on the Polish market for thirty years.

System 7 Security was launched on November 2, 1990. as a company established by Mirosław Wandzl. From the very beginning, she dealt with specialized electronic devices intended for the “Security” industry. In addition to devices for control and supervision systems, these were also elements of alarm systems, monitoring (CCTV), fire protection, etc.

Initially, in addition to design, distribution and production activities, we also provided services consisting in the installation of access control, alarm and television systems. Over the years, we first gave up service activities, and then also production. We knew that to do something really well, you had to concentrate on it. You can’t deal with everything, not even within one industry. This is how our specialization in the wholesale distribution of RFID / NFC tags was born. After many years, we can see that these were the right decisions. The company’s current position as a leading supplier of RFID tags on the Polish market would not be possible without them.

If you have been in business for longer, you know that 30 years of experience is a lot in domestic conditions. Virtually everything that is possible in our post-war free market history. It is not only an enormous amount of experience in the field of specialization, but also a broad perspective on the conditions of business and performance of tasks. From 1990. A lot has changed in this respect, and few of the companies that were established at that time survived. Thanks to this multi-layer achievements of the company, we are now able to take on even the most difficult challenges in the field of radio frequency identification and find effective, innovative solutions, not only on a European scale.

We currently have one of the widest ranges of typical RFID / NFC tags in Europe in our warehouses in Poland. They are ready for immediate delivery. If necessary, we are able to design and deliver any unusual tags, tailored to the specific needs of the client.

System 7: Unfortunately, due to the ongoing epidemic, the plans to celebrate this momentous anniversary have not been implemented, but we hope that we will do it on the next occasion 🙂

In summary, we operate and continue to develop intensively. If you need wholesale supplies of RFID / NFC tags, we can deliver them immediately from our warehouse in Bielsko-Biała. We can also design and produce unusual tags especially for you. Contact us.

Congratulations from the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielsko-Biała:

System 7 jubileusz 30 lat
System 7 jubileusz 30 lat

The first entry in the System 7 Security Business Register of. October 31, 1990:



Document confirming the assignment of the first REGON number by the Provincial Statistical Office in Bielsko-Biała:

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